Walkers & Strollers


Walkers and strollers are welcome in our 2K 3K 4K and 5K only, but will need to start at the back. Though strollers/joggers are allowed on the 2K 3K 4K and 5K courses, the road closure timeline is still enforced.

Parents and/or guardians can register for the races using one of these options:

1) Online registration (5K or 2K 3K 4K): Registration

2) Mail-in Registration (5K only): A family registration form (if three or more of your family - living at the same address - are participating) which should be printed and mailed with payment to Get in Gear, Inc., PO Box 50739, Mendota, MN 55150.

Each child in a stroller/jogger must have a child's stroller registration form (free of charge) on file with the child's information and initialed waiver of parent/guardian.